Academic Conf.
2011-11-24  Byoung-Seon Choi & others  Quants in Korea  
2011-06-24  Hyun Song Shin & others  2011 SIRFE Summer workshop  
2011-05-25  Christopher Sims & others  Recent Developments of Dynamic Analysis in Economics - 30 Yeaars after Macroeconomics and Reality  
2010-08-23  Stephen Morris and others  SIRFE 2010 Summer Workshop  
2010-02-03  Franklin Allen  Franklin Allen Seminar & Discussion  
2009-09-15  Lucas&Stokey  Lucas · Stokey Conference and Seminar  
2009-08-06  N.Kiyotaki & others  Developments in the Interface of Macroeconomics and Finance  
2009-08-06  N. Kiyotaki  Liquidity, Business Cycles, and Monetary Policy  
2009-08-06  Young Sik Kim  Recognizability, Medium of Exchange, and Unit of Account  
2009-08-06  Hyun Song Shin  Financing International Production Chains