Academic Seminar
2019-12-03  Byoungchan Lee  Business Cycles and Earnings Inequality  
2019-11-19  ShinHyuck Kang  Cyclical Dynamics of Shopping: Aggregate Implications on Labor and Product Markets  
2019-11-07  Doh Taeyoung  Targeted Predictors for Assessing Macroeconomic Tail Risks  
2019-11-05  Sehyoun Ahn  Monetary Policy with Ageing  
2019-10-15  Yongsung Chang  How Sticky Wages in Existing Jobs Can Affect Hiring  
2019-09-17  Jinill Kim  US Monetary Policy and the Dual Mandate  
2019-09-10  Dong Beom Choi  Does Increased Shareholder Liability Always Reduce Bank Moral Hazard?  
2019-06-04  Sangmin Aum  The Rise of Software and Skill Demand Reversal  
2019-05-14  Ki Young Park  Deciphering Monetary Policy Board Minutes through Text Mining Approach: The Case of South Korea  
2019-05-07  Jae Won Lee  Macroeconomics Effects of Capital Tax Rate Changes  
2019-04-23  Sung Wook Joh  Korean Text Analysis and Application by Machine Learning: Focused on IPO Companies