Academic Seminar
2014-10-28  Gwang-Ju Rhee  Impact on the Korean Financial Markets of the Global Financial Crisis, and the BOK’s Policy Responses  
2014-10-27  Chaeryon Kong  New Developments in MATLAB for Computational Finance  
2014-10-21  Sanjiv Ranjan Das  Risk and Return Networks  
2014-10-07  Kang, Wanmo  Design of Risk Weights  
2014-09-30  Jongkyu Park  A Policy Tasks for Trickle Down Effect  
2014-09-23  Jean Charles Rochet  Risky Utilities  
2014-09-16  Bok Hyeon Baik  Local Twitter Activity and Stock Returns  
2014-06-03  Ok-Rial Song  Legal Policy on Inter-company Transaction  
2014-05-27  Inho Song  House Price Channel in Consumption  
2014-05-20  Woo Jin Chang  Empirical study on the time-varying multifractality in financial time series  
2014-05-13  Jung-Wook Kim  Income Polarization and the Impact of Credit Supply on the lower Income Households