Academic Seminar
2014-03-25  Peter Tillmann  Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks and the Response of Emerging Markets  
2014-03-25  Minkee Song  Recent Turmoil in Emerging Markets  
2013-12-10  Soyoung Kim  Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks in China  
2013-11-19  Jae Won Lee  Sectoral Price Facts in a Sticky-Price Model  
2013-11-12  Seog, S. Hun  Economics of Publicity: Implementing the Non-Contractible  
2013-11-06  Yong Kim  Age Earnings Profiles and TFP Differences: Financial Institutions in a Vintage Human Capital Model  
2013-11-05  Kyung-Hoon Chun  Issues on Commercial Law Amendment about Corporate Governance  
2013-10-29  Byung-Yeon Kim  Financing Sources and Performance of Firms in Eastern Europe  
2013-10-22  Suh, Young Kyung  The Cause of Low Inflation and the Policy  
2013-10-08  UnChan Chung  Why Corporate Partnership?  
2013-10-01  Sungwook Park  KIF Financial Conditions Index