Academic Seminar
2013-09-24  Ayhan Kose  Regionalization vs. Globalization  
2013-09-10  Jaewook Lee  Big Data Mining Technincs and Finance  
2013-06-11  Jung-Wook Kim  The Impact of Liquidity Constraints on Household Finance  
2013-06-11  Ok-Rial Song  Law and Economics of Banking I  
2013-05-14  Keunkwan Ryu, Ki Beom Binh  Estimation and Specification Test of Diffusion Process Using Information on Hitting Time: Application to Short-term Interest Rate Processes  
2013-05-14  Byoung Seon Choi, Dongwoo Sheen  On the CRS as a discount rate for FX derivative pricing  
2013-05-07  Tack Yun  Financial and Macroeconomic Stability in Emerging-Market Economies  
2013-04-30  Young-Han Kim  Causality Through Directed Information  
2013-04-23  Ko Seung-bum  Recent Environment and Direction of Economic Policy  
2013-04-16  Benjamin Hong  An Analysis on Income Inequality and Policy Option under Market Economy  
2013-04-09  Woo Jin Kim  Do controlling shareholders time the market in stock swaps following a spin-off?