Academic Seminar
2011-06-24  Hyun Song Shin  Working Capital, Productivity, and Financial Shocks  
2011-06-24  In Ho Lee  Moral Hazard and Forbearance in Prudential Regulation  
2011-06-24  Xavier Freixas  The Credit Ratings Game  
2011-06-24  Tack Yun  Cental Bank's Large Scale Asset Purchases and Uncertainty Hypothesis  
2011-06-24  Douglas Gale  Liquidity Hoarding  
2011-05-31  Daniel P. Ahn  Oil Shocks and Monetary Policy  
2011-05-24  Thomas Sargent  Risk, Uncertainty, and Value  
2011-05-17  Quantitative Easing  Quantitative Easing  
2011-04-19  Soyoung Kim  International Capital Mobility: Global vs. Regional Perspective  
2011-04-12  Kuan-Hui Lee  Sovereign Debt Rating Changes and Stock Liquidity around the World  
2011-04-05  Se-Jik Kim  Housing Repo