Academic Seminar
2010-03-23  Frank Chongwoo Park  A Geometric Treatment of Time-Varying Volatilities and Interest Rate Models  
2009-09-29  Yun Woo Park  Rebuilding the Korean Financial System Architecture  
2009-09-18  Robert Lucas  The Current US Recession  
2009-09-17  Ki Seong Park  Regional and School Ties between Owners and CEOs in Korean Large Firms  
2009-09-17  Tomoyuki Nakajima  Optimal Taxation and Constrained Inefficiency of an Infinite-horizon Incomplete-market Economy  
2009-09-16  Yong Jin Kim  A Theory of Economic Growth with Religion  
2009-09-16  Xiaodong Zhu  Accounting for China's Growth  
2009-09-16  Chinhee Hahn  Learning-by-exporting in Korean Manufacturing: A Plant Level Analysis  
2009-09-16  Keiichiro Kobayashi  A Model of Financial Crises - Coordination Failure due to Bad Asset  
2009-09-16  Se-Jik Kim  Housing Repo Contracts, Financial Intermediation and Urbanization  
2009-09-15  Nancy L. Stokey  Catching Up and Falling Behind