Academic Seminar
2010-07-10  Jongmoo Jay Choi  Labor as a Monitor of the CEO: A Power Game in Outsourcing  
2010-07-07  Bong-Soo Lee  Bong-Soo Lee Summer Lecture  
2010-04-29  Steven L. Schwarcz  Systemic Risk  
2010-04-27  Sinsup Cho  Cointegrated Model with Exogenous Variables  
2010-04-14  In Joon Kim  Facts and Fallacies of Financial Engineering  
2010-03-30  Woo Jin Chang  Analysis on Stock Price based on Behavioral Characteristics of Financial Market Participants  
2010-03-30  Hyuk Choe& Yoon Sung Eom  The Disposition Effect in the KOSPI200 Option Market  
2010-03-23  Hwa-Jin Kim  Corporate Governance and Financial Protectionism: The Case of State-Controlled and State Protected E  
2010-03-23  Frank Chongwoo Park  A Geometric Treatment of Time-Varying Volatilities and Interest Rate Models  
2009-09-29  Yun Woo Park  Rebuilding the Korean Financial System Architecture  
2009-09-18  Robert Lucas  The Current US Recession