Academic Seminar
2019-04-17  Eugster, Johannes Luzius  The Determinants Of Bilateral Trade and Spillovers From Tariffs  
2019-04-16  Seongeun Kim  Status Externalities and Low Birth Rates in Korea  
2019-04-02  Soyoung Kim  Offshore EME Bond Issuance and the Transmission Channels of Global Liquidity  
2019-03-26  Jeho Lee  Winner-Take-All Dynamics Revisited: Positive Feedback When Earlier Adopters' Influence Decays  
2019-03-19  Sunseop Jung  Consolidated Supervision of Financial Conglomerates : legal issues  
2019-03-12  Jung Hee Cheon  Homomorphic Encryption and Information Security  
2019-03-07  Mark Bils  Who are the Hand-to-Mouth?  
2018-12-04  Kwangyoung Park  Uncertainty, Attention Allocation and Monetary Policy Asymmetry  
2018-11-22  Donghyun Park, Ramayandi  Protecting Asia's Macroeconomic Stability Amid Heightened Global Uncertainty  
2018-11-06  Ponpoje Porapakkam  Lifetime Cost of Bad Health  
2018-10-23  Chang-jin Ryu  Survey of Household Finances and Living Conditions