Academic Seminar
2009-09-16  Chinhee Hahn  Learning-by-exporting in Korean Manufacturing: A Plant Level Analysis  
2009-09-16  Keiichiro Kobayashi  A Model of Financial Crises - Coordination Failure due to Bad Asset  
2009-09-16  Se-Jik Kim  Housing Repo Contracts, Financial Intermediation and Urbanization  
2009-09-15  Nancy L. Stokey  Catching Up and Falling Behind  
2009-08-27  Jaewoo Lee  The Valuation Channel of External Adjustment  
2009-07-08  J. Dokko  Things My Mortgage Broker Never Told Me About Homeownership: Escrow, Property Taxes, and Mortgage  
2009-06-24  S. Johnson  The Global Crisis: Is It Over Yet?  
2009-06-01  D. Gale  Rollover Risk and Market Freezes  
2009-06-01  M. Brunnermeier  CoVaR  
2009-05-26  Hyun Song Shin  Risk Appetite and Endogenous Risk