Academic Seminar
2018-11-06  Ponpoje Porapakkam  Lifetime Cost of Bad Health  
2018-10-23  Chang-jin Ryu  Survey of Household Finances and Living Conditions  
2018-10-30  Woojin Chang  Cryptocurrecny network analysis based on Minimum Spanning Tree and Link Prediction  
2018-10-08  Hyunseung Oh  How durable are consumer durables over the business cycle?  
2018-09-18  S. Hun Seog  Finance: A Ritual  
2018-09-11  Woo-Sik Moon  Theories and Practices of Monetary Policy in Korea  
2018-06-01  Kee-Hong Bae  Does Corporate Governance Reform Increase CEO Compensation? Evidence from CEO Compensation of Public and Private Firms  
2018-05-29  Do-Young Kim  M&A Market Trend and Implication in Korea  
2018-05-23  Woon Gyu Choi  Divergent EME Responses to Global and Domestic Monetary Policy Shocks  
2018-05-15  Kwanho Shin  A Contagion through Exposures to Foreign Banks during the Global Financial Crisis  
2018-04-17  Sojung Park  InsureTech and Insurance Industry Outlook