Academic Seminar
2017-03-28  Kim, Sei Wan  Early 60s Are Not Old Enough: Evidence from Twenty-One Countries’ Equity Fund Market  
2017-03-21  Yongsoek Shin  Debt-for-Opportunity? Student Loans and Economic Mobility  
2017-03-14  Sungzoon Cho  Text Mining Corporate Disclosures  
2017-03-07  Bea, Hyeon-Kee  Current Issues on Domestic Finance  
2016-12-06  In Hwan Jo  Financing small versus young firms: Aggregate implications of firm dynamics  
2016-11-29  BongGeun Choi  What Is the Social Trade-off From Securitization? A Tale of Financial Innovation  
2016-11-08  Jung-Wook Kim  TBA  
2016-11-01  Kyungmo Koo  Recent Issues on Household Debt  
2016-10-25  Jinhee Woo  The Cyclicality of Entry and Exit: A General Equilibrium Analysis with Imperfect Information  
2016-10-18  Min Jang  Current Issues in Monetary Policy  
2016-10-11  Woosik Moon  The Economic Impact of Brexit