Academic Seminar
2016-11-08  Jung-Wook Kim  TBA  
2016-11-01  Kyungmo Koo  Recent Issues on Household Debt  
2016-10-25  Jinhee Woo  The Cyclicality of Entry and Exit: A General Equilibrium Analysis with Imperfect Information  
2016-10-18  Min Jang  Current Issues in Monetary Policy  
2016-10-11  Woosik Moon  The Economic Impact of Brexit  
2016-10-04  Woo Jin Kim  Who's Leaving Money on the Table? Evidence from IPOs within Business Groups  
2016-09-27  Yeongseop Rhee  Short-sales and Foreign Investors’ Behavior in the Korean Stock Market during the Global Financial Crisis  
2016-09-06  Kim, Kyusoo  The issues on Digital Currency and Central Bank  
2016-08-22  Jun Yu  New Distribution Theory for the Estimation of Structural Break Point in Mean  
2016-07-06  George Pennacchi  Special Lecture on Banking and Financial Institutions  
2016-05-31  Seok Ki Kim  Longevity and Average Propensity to Consume