Academic Seminar
2016-04-26  Keunkwan Ryu  Call Timing of Callable Non-convertible Bonds: A Duration Analysis  
2016-04-19  Sojung Park  The externality of driving luxury car  
2016-04-12  Jae-Won Lee  Optimal Index versus Simple Index for Monetary Policy  
2016-04-05  Hyuncheol Hwang  Quant 2.0, Quant as Entrepreneur  
2016-03-29  Jaehuuk Choi  Sum of all Black-Scholes  
2016-03-22  Yunjong Wang  Dollar Supremacy  
2016-03-15  Jeong Hwan Lee  Modigliani-Miller Theory: Production Technology Perspective  
2015-12-08  Gwanghwan Kim  Uncertainty Shocks and the Relative Price of Investment Goods  
2015-11-24  Jongsuk Han  The Empirical Analysis on Korean Labor Income Distribution  
2015-11-17  Seonghoon Cho  Macro Stability In and Out of the Zero Lower Bound  
2015-11-03  Jung Sunseop  Technology Development and Payment Services Regulation