Academic Seminar
2016-09-06  Kim, Kyusoo  The issues on Digital Currency and Central Bank  
2016-08-22  Jun Yu  New Distribution Theory for the Estimation of Structural Break Point in Mean  
2016-07-06  George Pennacchi  Special Lecture on Banking and Financial Institutions  
2016-05-31  Seok Ki Kim  Longevity and Average Propensity to Consume  
2016-05-24  John Rogers  Unconventional Monetary Policy and International Risk Premia  
2016-05-17  Sunseop Jung  Technology Development and Payment Services Regulation  
2016-05-10  Soyoung Kim  What are the Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks? Sign Restrictions and Endogeneity of Monetary Policy Actions  
2016-05-03  Seog, S. Hun  Economics of Microinsurance  
2016-04-26  Keunkwan Ryu  Call Timing of Callable Non-convertible Bonds: A Duration Analysis  
2016-04-19  Sojung Park  The externality of driving luxury car  
2016-04-12  Jae-Won Lee  Optimal Index versus Simple Index for Monetary Policy