Policy Conf.
2013-12-03  Young Do Kim & Young Sik Kim  Change in Structure of Housing Rental market and Household Debt Risk  
2009-05-12  Jongkyu Lee & others  Korean Finance, what is the problem?  
2013-05-21  In-June Kim  Financial and Fiscal Policy of New Government  
2012-11-13  Kim Joo Cheol & others  Household Debt and Stress Test in Korea  
2012-06-01  Ok-Rial Song & others  Towards a Better Corporate Governance Structure of Financial Firms  
2011-10-25  Young Sik Kim & others  Real Estate Market and Financial Stability in Korea  
2010-11-09  Jeffrey Sachs & others  International Policy Advisory Group: G20 Global Economic Recovery Under the Shadow of a Currency War  
2010-10-26  Heungsik Choe & others  Korean Financial System: Retrospect and Challenges  
2009-11-23  Lee, Sang Mook and others  Towards a Post-crisis Financial Supervisory Structure in Korea  
2009-05-21  Joon-Kyung Kim  Global Financial Crisis and the Direction for the Korean Economy (In Korean)